Erzgebirge. Wende, Weihnachten, Weit Weg


Mockumentary. Image Campaign


Wende, Weihnachten, weit weg. Top-Außenreporter Kleinelt macht sich auf die Suche nach der echten Provinz. Klar, dass der erzgebirgische Hinterwald am Puls der Einöde DIE Hammer-Story verspricht. Kleinkariert, abgeschrieben, bevölkert von einem zänkischen Bergvolk voll ländlicher Minderwertigkeitskomplexe. Und was findet er? Nicht mal das! Selbst Provinz können die hier nicht richtig.


Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge


DoP: Adam Graf

The Offline. Plages des Casernes


Deeply immersed in memories of a summer gone by, soaking in the warm feeling of television images, looking forward and backward in time.


Inspired by the moody soundtracks of 1960s and 1970s film composers such as Francois de Roubaix, Brian Bennet and David Axelrod, The Offline releases atmospheric, soulfully visual tunes with dramatic Library-music-esque cinematic arrangements.


Taken from the forthcoming The Offline EP „En Clair-Obscur“ out July 8th on Root Records / DeepMatter

Gemeinsame Leidenschaft


A story of a shared passion for the Erzgebirge, a divers mountain region with a long and rich history, a vibrant present and a future defined by its people.


The film travels into a world under ground, a world of workshops and up to new heights. It's a story of what has been, what is now and what can be. It tells about the ambition of people, about perspectives that open up and about possibilities created by togetherness.


Shot for Sparkasse


DJ Durbin. Grotchz


"I followed the movement that startet on the dance floor, and felt a pull, and when it pulled me, I found myself led to my own very own place. [...] That night I dreamt I was hidden in a strange place, in an unknown city." - /Rave. Rainald Goetz


Special Mention at Go Short International Short Film Festival 2022

International Music Video Competition


Silver Selection at Berlin Music Video Awards 2022